Monday, April 02, 2012

D.R.U.G.S.` "DiRTy RoTTeN UnDeRGRouND GRiMieS EP"...

Found this lil` bootleg in my email this mornin`, sent to me by the homie M@RSuPiaL. I`m pretty sure this joint hasn`t seen an official release, the mp3`s info state that these songs are from 1998. Not so sure that`s accurate, but does it really matter?.....LoL, this is some Ol` Dirty ish! (I`m a huge O.D.B. fan). Anyway, since I had never heard of D.R.U.G.S. I took to the `net to do some research. Here`s what I was able to find; D.R.U.G.S. was supposedly a 4 man crew that consisted of Ol` Dirty Bastard, Papa Chief, 12 O`Clock & Masta Fuol. I really have no idea how legit that last statement is, but that`s all I have for y`all.....LoL

In all honesty this EP is very far from the greatest listen of all time, but it`s not completely wack either. Unfortunately there isn`t a track on here that has all 4 katZ on it at the same time. Ol` Dirty`s appearances come in the form of previously released joints "Sussudio" which was released on the "Urban Renewal" Phil Collins tribute compilation back in 2001 & "Dirty `N` Stinkin`" was released as a 12". The first track "Watcha" has a Down South type of vibe to it (at least to me anyway). The second track on here "Versus Wordsworth" is the only joint that I think is weak. Mainly because it sounds like someone stupidly mixed a freestyle into & over a Wordsworth track or freestyle & it just sounds like complete shit. Another reason I suspect this EP to be a bootleg is because the second track was originally labelled "Versus Wordsword", I changed it `cuz I figured it to make more sense. Tracks 3 & 4 are the previously mentioned Ol` Dirty joints, while "Chickens" & "Brownsville BK" close things out. The reason I`ve decided to share this with y`all is simple I`m a BiG O.D.B. fan & I`m somewhat of a completist, sure I`m not the only one so this is for y`all, enjoy...

 Label: N/A
Released: N/A (1998?)

1. Watcha
2. Versus Wordsworth
3. Sussudio
4. Dirty `N` Stinkin` {ft. 62nd Assassin}
5. Chickens
6. Brownsville BK

R.i.P. Ol` DiRTy BaSTaRD...

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