Thursday, April 19, 2012

BaHaMaDia`s "i CoNFeSS" [CD SiNGLe]...

Once again I was DiGG`n thru the stacks of CD`s that I own & decided that today I`ll dust off some Bahamadia for everyone`s listenin` pleasure. This was one of the singles off her debut album titled "Kollage" released in 1996. On this single you get two tracks; the first one`s titled "I Confess" & the second is titled "3 The Hard Way". N.O. Joe provides Bahamadia with the perfect backdrop for her to spit some sensual confessions to the one she loves, don`t get it twisted though she isn`t Lil` Kim...LoL

On "3 The Hard Way" Bahamadia brings two friends along to make it a trio of DoPe women rippin` the mic over a bangin` DJ Premier produced beat, what more can ya ask for? This track is obviously my favorite one of the two. As for the previously mentioned "friends" their names are K-Swift & Mecca Star, I don`t know who they really are unfortunately. If someone out there happens to know please feel free to school me! Anyway, go `head & check out the music I`m sure you`ll enjoy it...

Label: Chrysalis
Released: 1996

1. I Confess [Album]
2. I Confess [Instr.]
3. 3 The Hard Way [Radio] {ft. K-Swift & Mecca Star}
4. 3 The Hard Way [Street] {ft. K-Swift & Mecca Star}
5. 3 The Hard Way [Instr.]


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