Thursday, April 19, 2012

NouFeRz PReSeNTs: "MaPLe SyRuP FLaVoR CHiCKeN WiNGZeRz" MiXTaPe...

Got some Canadian HiP HoP for y`all's listenin` pleasure today. It`s actually a mixtape (one long mp3 file unfortunately) that I had downloaded back in 2006 from the now dead Chicken Scratch Addict blog. Nouferz did a good job puttin` together this collection of Canadian gems from the early & late 1990's, so BiG uPs to him!!! It`s an hour & 24 minutes in length, give it a listen & savor the Maple flava....LoL

Nouferz Presents - Maple Syrup Flavor Chicken Wingzerz (Mixtape)
Released: 2006

1. Soul Obligation {Rascalz}
2. What It Takes [Rmx] {Choclair}
3. Certified [Rmx] {Ghetto Concept}
4. Werdz {Saukrates, Kardinal Offishal & Choclair}
5. Hidden Insight {Brass Tacks}
6. So I... {Frankenstein & Choclair}
7. Check The Mic {Branded Black}
8. Naughty Dread [Rmx] {Kardinal Offishall}
9. Contaminate {Diemen X}
10. Price Of Livin` {Da Grassroots}
11. Still Caught Up {Saukrates}
12. Positional Bypass {Sic Sense}
13. Rage [Rmx] {Thrust}
14. Quiet Storm {Frankenstein ft. Luminous}
15. Learn To Earn {Down To Erf}
16. Black Rain {Citizen Kane}
17. Transparent {Non Equation}
18. No Laws {Black I}
19. Boiling Point {Concrete Mob}
20. Startin` Shit {Point Blank}
21. Pray To Da East Pt. 2 {Maestro Fresh Wes ft. Gauge}
22. Lyrically Exposed Pt. 2 {Obscure Disorder}
23. Trust Me {Mecca 2 Medina}
24. High Life {Checkmate}


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