Thursday, July 25, 2013

MaTHeMaTiK`s "No DiViSioN"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted on 04.09.2012...

Dust`n off a nice Canadian HiP HoP gem for y`all today, it comes in the form of Toronto emcee Mathematik`s "No Division" released back in 2005. I was diggin` thru a few stacks of my CD`s & found this joint, hadn`t heard it in a while so I threw it in the stereo. It`s still a good listen today, if you`re a fan of some good ol` boom bap type HiP HoP then this album`s definitely for you! With production from his Down To Erf crew as well as some production from the likes of Mr. Attic, DJ Serious & Saukrates, Mathematik catches wreck all over the head~noddin` backdrops provided by these veteran Toronto beat merchants...

"If It Isn`t" opens the album up nicely, Mathematik spits lyrics about his devotion to being an emcee over a boom bapp`n beat seasoned by keys & a nice lil` play on New Edition`s "If It Isn`t Love". That joint right there should give you an idea of what you can expect on this album...pure HiP HoP; rhymes, breakin` & DJ`n. You can also hear Math`s growth as an emcee as he steps out of his comfort~zone tacklin` double~time rhyme patterns on "Who`s Wit` Me?", takin` charge of hypersonic soundscapes on "Attack" & he even takes a shot at sped~up samples on "The Righteous" all without sacrificing his lyrics or soundin` corny. If you`re lookin` to listen to some good ol` HiP HoP with a nice positive & spiritual vibe (no preachin` don`t worry....LoL) to it then look no further. Check it out & enjoy...

Label: Urbnet Records
Released: 2005

1. Intro
2. If It Isn`t
3. Was, Is, Will. [Interlude]
4. Was, Is, Will.
5. Situation
6. Letter 2 John [Interlude]
7. Letter 2 John
8. The Perfect Storm
9. Dilligence
10. Free Your Soul
11. Still The Same
12. The Righteous
13. Attack
14. Somethin` For Them [Interlude]
15. Play 2 Win
16. Toronto
17. Arose Countdown [Interlude]
18. Who`s Wit` Me
19. Outro

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I had to cut about ten seconds off of the "Outro" because it was a scratched, pops & clicks galore, so I just faded it out...


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