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DMX`s "The WeiGH iN EP"...

Re~uPP`d, originally 09.18.2012... 

I have been listening to a lot of DMX lately, so it`s only right that I share this lil` free EP that he dropped to spark a lil` buzz for his newest album "Undisputed", which is really DoPe by the way. I know that a lot of folks talk ish about X because of all the arrests & so~called drug problems, say what you will. To me though X is one of a dying breed, a real artist. He tells it like it is & he`s not afraid to do so....LoL

On "The Weigh In" you get 6 tracks, an intro & 4 interludes. Production~wise Dr. Dre, Rich Kid, Dame Grease, Niam Son & Wayno handle the beats while DMX invites Big Stan, Snoop Dogg, Andreena Mills & Tyrese to contribute their talents to the EP. After the intro "Where I Wanna Be" kicks things off over Niam Son`s melodic piano~driven beat, X sounds great spittin` them heart~felt bars of human vulnerability. As for Big Stan`s contribution, I gotta say that he sounds kind of like Puffy....LoL, maybe I`m just really high or something though, regardless X kills this joint!!! 

Dogs of the world unite on "Shit Don`t Change", Snoop & DMX spit their Life`s philosophies over a beat produced by Dr. Dre that was previously used for Snoop`s "Boss Life". Now X may not like Drake.....LoL, but he does use one of the beats from Drake`s "Comeback Season Mixtape" that Rich Kid produced & that track is "Last Hope" (the original featured fellow Canadian artists Kardinal Offishall & Andreena Mills on the hook - you can peep that song here). Andreena Mills is still on the hook while DMX spit some more of that deep emotional ish, apparently some folks have this track titled as "On The Frontline" (I think "Last Hope" makes more sense so that`s what I labeled it as....LoL)...

Wayno provides a good thumpin` beat on "Where My Dogs At?" for X to spit some of that fiery tough~talkin` shit, short but sweet none~the~less. "That`s My Baby" features Tyrese, obviously this joint has an R&B vibe to it - let`s call this one the 'ladies track'.....LoL, it`s not bad though, the beat`s nice & for some reason when it`s playin` I can`t help but sing the hook.....Ahahahahahaha, anyway the Dame Grease produced "Right Or Wrong" ends things off for this EP & I gotta say that it`s probably the best track of the bunch. It`s nice to hear X collab`N with Dame Grease again, they`ve done some great work together especially on DMX`s debut "It`s Dark & Hell Is Hot". The drums that Dame laces the beat with are sinister in sound while X reaches into himself & spits some of that CLaSSiC Ruff Ryders ish. So there ya have it, go `head & check out the music...

Released: 2012

1. The Weigh In [Intro]
2. Where I Wanna Be {ft. Big Stan} [Prod. by Niam Son]
3. Shit Don`t Change {ft. Snoop Dogg} [Prod. by Dr. Dre]
4. Last Hope [Skit]
5. Last Hope {ft. Andreena Mills} [Prod. by Rich Kid]
6. Lil` Wayne [Interlude]
7. Where My Dogs At? [Prod. by Wayno]
8. Tyrese [Interlude]
9. That`s My Baby {ft. Tyrese}
10. DJ Envy [Interlude]
11. Right Or Wrong [Prod. by Dame Grease]


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