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DMX`s "FLeSH Of My FLeSH BLooD Of My BLooD"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 04.15.2012...

DiGG`n thru my collection I decided to dust off an album that I honestly didn`t even really know that I had.....LoL, that album my friends would be DMX`s second album entitled "Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood", released just a few months after his debut back in 1998. After it dropped I remember DMX havin` all this hype; Hip Hop mags talkin` about how DMX was the first rapper to release two #1 albums on the Billboard Charts in the same year. An impressive feat for anyone -- but back then much like now I still take heed to my favorite HiP HoP group Public Enemy`s words & "Don`t Believe The Hype".....LoL, well I didn`t! That`s why yesterday was my first time listening to "Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood", 14 years after it was, was it really that long ago?....LoL

After listening I can honestly say that the album is pretty much exactly what I thought it would be. Swizz Beatz handles a gang of production on this album, microwavin` up 9 beats compared to the single joint that he did on DMX`s debut. That right there should give you an idea on how things sound....rushed, that or maybe most of these tracks were left~overs from "It`s Dark & Hell Is Hot", who knows for sure???

"Slippin`" is most definitely the iLLesT joint on the album. The music video isn`t that bad either, I found the walls with the arms reachin` out kind of funny.....LoL, anyway there are a few other tracks that I dug, but honestly the list is pretty short.....LoL, "Flesh Of My Flesh..." is a good joint, I think that it would`ve been better suited near the beginning of the album however instead of endin` up as the 3rd song from the album`s finish. The convo` X has with his God on "Ready To Meet Him" is another decent listen. "Blackout", the collabo` with the LOX & Jay-Z is alright, but I sort of expected a lil` more considering the caliber of emcees that are on the track...

For me the rest of it switches back & forth from OK to so~so. The main problem with this album clearly is that it was rushed. I mean it was roughly 7 months between DMX`s debut album & this one. I guess that`s why Swizz Beatz ended up producing so many of the tracks.....LoL, it`s not a horrible album it`s just not as great as all the hype that was surroundin` it at the time of it`s released would lead you to believe.......Chuck D was right.....LoL, anyway check it out for ya`self though, after all this is just my opinion & we all now how that sayin` goes...

Label: Def Jam Recordings
Released: 1998

1. My Niggas [Skit]
2. Bring Your Whole Crew {ft. PK}
3. Pac Man [Skit]
4. Ain`t No Way {ft. Kaseem Dean}
5. We Don`t Give A Fuck {ft. Jadakiss & Styles P}
6. Keep Your Shit The Hardest
7. Coming From {ft. Mary J. Blige}
8. It`s All Good
9. The Omen {ft. Marilyn Manson}
10. Slippin`
11. No Love 4 Me {ft. Swizz Beatz & Drag-On}
12. Dogs For Life
13. Blackout {ft. LOX & Jay-Z}
14. Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood {ft. Swizz Beatz}
15. Heat
16. Ready To Meet Him


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