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CHuCK D`s "AuToBioGRaPHy Of MiSTaCHuCK" [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 10.31.2012... 

What`s goin` on y`all? Hope all is good. I celebrated another birthday last Friday, gotta say that it feels good to be livin` this wonderful gift called Life. Today I`m gon` share with y`all a lil` something that I started workin` on a week or two ago. It`s not crazy super spectacular or anything like that.....LoL, it`s just Chuck D`s 1996 solo album "Autobiography Of Mistachuck" with a lil` tweakin` done to it. In a nutshell all that I have done is simple really. I just spent a lil` time separating the Intro & the Flip Squad Breaks from the tracks they were a part of to make them individual tracks instead. For example the first Flip Squad Break was originally at the end of "Niggativity....Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?", I just separated it & then made it a new track on it`s own. I also cut out the silence on "Paid" just after the Flip Squad Break from approx. 4:40-9:22 on the original track, then made the hidden joint "The 10 Resentments Of The Industry" it`s own track. After that I added "It`s The Pride" a track Chuck D had featured on the "Pump Ya` Fist" compilation released in 1995. Then I added a few cuts from Chuck D`s "No" 12 inch (thanks to the homie JankZ for the link) to finish up things...

Got a funny lil` story that I feel like sharing with y`all about this Chuck D album. When I first copped it back in 1996 I was listening to it after a long hard day of school.....LoL, ah the good ol` days, anyway I was really tired because I was up late the night before studying for a Science test so I started noddin` off to sleep. Not sure how long I was asleep for, but I was suddenly woken up from my lil` nap by the crazy sounds of Chuck D`s voice on the hidden track...let`s just say it scared the fuck outta me at first `cuz I had it BuMP`n pretty loud on my small lil` Zellers bookshelf stereo...LoL, anyway let`s get to the music shall we? I`ve always been a fan of Public Enemy ever since I first heard `em from the dubbed tape my homie Pablo hooked me up with in elementary school. They`re still my favorite Hip Hop group to this day, so once I first heard about Chuck`s solo joint I just had to check it out...

There`s no denying that Chuck D`s militant vocal tone grabs hold of your attention, so just imagine the knowledge that`s dropped without the comedy relief of Flavor Flav on Chuck`s solo effort. Don`t worry Gary G-Wiz & Eric 'Vietnam' Sadler hit us with some of that iLL Bomb Squad production to keep ish from gettin` to preachy. The album opens up with a fitting sample of a scene from the Spike Lee movie "Clockers". A few of the movie`s characters are talkin` about Hip Hop & how Chuck D isn`t the hardest rapper. Sticky Fingaz (Onyx fame) actually plays the role of Scientific (one of the characters in the movie) who was a part of the previously mentioned discussion in the scene, I wonder if that`s how dude really feels or was it just script?....LoL, following the short lil` Intro comes the album`s first song "Mistachuck". It`s backed by an iLL beat with a sample of Jack Nicholson laughin` crazily as The Joker from the 1989 film "Batman" while Chuck D addresses the doubters...

"To all the critics that had me counted out
To all the cynics I fought & thought they had me figured out
Who opened doors on 32 tours?
From last year`s "Give It Up" goin` back to "You`re Gonna Get Yours" 
38 countries in the name of Hip Hop, never stopped 
7 continents, attackin` governments
Political rhyme practice, I gave `cause you lack this 
Serious sense of time & world geographics..."

Next up is the album`s lead single titled "No", a joint that has Chuck speakin` on everything that was wrong with Hip Hop back in the 9-6. Funny thing is most of the ish that he mentions still rings true today...

"Generation Wrekkked" features another uncredited appearance by Kyle "Ice" Jason (he was also featured on "No"). Here Chuck`s basically letting folks know that unless they change their ways of living they`re only going to keep the cycle of ignorance alive. The slick wordplay on the hook will definitely have you rappin` right along with it ("If I can`t change the people around me, I change the people around me...) "Niggativity...Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?" is a nice track about goin` against the grain. As simplistic as the hook is I`m still DiGG`n it, maybe it`s the head noddin` beat with the organ sample.....LoL, after that track is the first Flip Squad Break. "Free Big Willie" follows the lil` radio show break with it`s funky jazzy~vibed beat it`s sure to get that head bobb`N like $2 hookers on pay~day. Good ol` P.E. affiliate Professor Griff shows up for a lil` interlude & kicks some spoken word/ poetry slam type ish on "Horizontal Heroin"...

After the brief lil` interlude Chuck D is joined by Abnormal, C. Brewzer & Kyle Jason on "Talk Show Created The Fool". A joint where all involved attack the television talk shows of the day for all the negative influences & ignorant behavior that they choose to promote to the masses. The second Flip Squad Break follows, just like the first break it was a part of the previous track so I decided to split it from "Talk Show..." so it was it`s own track. This break has Da Brat (So So Def fame) callin` in to the radio show.......LoL, it`s kinda funny but really only a one time type of funny. Anyway she sounds like she`s was smokin` on some of that really good Green, if she wasn`t stoned when she did that I don`t like Hip Hop....LoL, you gotta share Brat baby...

"Underdog" is a lil` cautionary tale that has Chuck warning his listeners that not everything is what is seems, in both Life & the Hip Hop game. The late, great & legendary Isaac Hayes is featured on "But Can You Kill The Nigger In You?" It`s a song that has both Hayes & D sendin` a message out to the Black men of the world that are livin` foul. Don`t worry The Rhyme Animal puts the preachin` on pause to let us know that he`s still an emcee. On "Endonesia" he collab`s with B-Wyze & Dow Jonz, over a nice funkdafied vibe while all three kats flex some decent punchlines. The third Flip Squad Break follows the rhyme wreckin`. "The Pride" is next, a great uplifting track about Black pride. Some may recognize this track from the "Pump Ya` Fist" compilation that was released in 1995 however the beat isn`t the same as the one from the comp` & that joint was titled "It`s The Pride" (either way both tracks are DoPe, that`s why I added the other joint to this album as well:)...

"Paid" follows & is another collabo` track, this time Chuck invites Kendu (Hyenas In The Desert fame) & Melquan along to kick rhymes. Although it`s not as good as "Endonesia" the track`s beat & scratched in Biggie sample for the hook should keep ya interested long enough to make it thru the song. The fourth & final Flip Squad Break is next, again  it was originally a part of the track before it until I split it for it`s own glory....LoL, then I also removed the almost 5 minutes of silence that followed the lil` radio break to get to the hidden track which I labelled "The 10 Resentments Of The Industry". It`s not an actual song, Chuck D`s just basically talkin` (with his vocals slowed & fucked with to sound like a demon or some ish) about how fucked up the Industry is. It`s a real trip listening to this track off some `Shrooms that`s for sure.....LoL, then again I could say the same `bout E-40. Anyways after the hidden track that`s where the album would normally end, but due to boredom mainly I decided to add a few more joints to the album so it would fill an 80 minute CD...

So the first of the bonus joints if you will is the previously mentioned "It`s The Pride", originally from the 1995 released "Pump Ya` Fist" compilation that features such artists as KRS-One, 2Pac, Fugees & Rakim to name a few. The final four bonus cuts come from Chuck D`s "No" 12 Inch single, gotta BiG uP JankZ for the link on that very much appreciated! The "No [Mr. Elite Part Two Version - Clean]" has the same lyrics as the one on the album, but censored of course & the beat`s a lil` more on the hornier side of things sound~wise. Would love to hear an uncensored version of this! "No! [The Wreck League Massive Remake]" has Chuck D sharing the mic with Kendu of Hyenas In The Desert, Son Slawta Melquan, Dow Jonz, N-Tense, Charlie Brown, Flip & Sharp of Backstabbers, B-Wyze, Outloud of Blahzay Blahzay & Kyle Johnson. As iLL as this joint is it should have been an actual bonus track on the album, my opinion of course. The "No [Revenge Of The Anti-Pimps Acapella]" is just that, an acapella. The last track on this HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN is "No [The Kyle Ice Jason Instr.]" (not The Lyle Ice Jason Instr. as I incorrectly labelled it.....LoL, I blame my big fingers)...

So do ya`self a favor & check out this solo album by Public Enemy`s frontman, I`m sure a lot of headz slept on this when it first dropped. The production that`s provided by the Bomb Squad is stellar for ya` stereo & the messages that Chuck spits over said production is definitely worth the time to listen to. It`s definitely waaaaaaaaaay better than any solo Flavor Flav album could ever even wish to sound like......LoL, that goes without sayin`!  Now I DiG Flav & all but DaMn the one solo album that I heard of his was pretty bad (it`s so bad I forget it`s title)....LoL, let`s just say that it`s not his greatest contribution to Hip Hop. Who knows maybe I`ll post up that album for y`all to check out some day, but for now you have Chuck D`s "Autobiography Of Mistachuck" with some added bonus cuts, enjoy...

Label: Mercury Records
Released: 1996, 2012

1. Intro
2. Mistachuck
3. No {ft. Kyle Jason}
4. Generation Wrekkked {ft. Kyle Jason}
5. Niggativity...Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?
6. Flip Squad Break #1
7. Free Big Willie
8. Horizontal Heroin [Interlude] {ft. Professor Griff}
9. Talk Show Created The Fool {ft. Abnormal, C. Brewser & Kyle Jason}
10. Flip Squad Break #2 {ft. Da Brat}
11. Underdog
12. But Can You Kill The Nigger In You? {ft. Isaac Hayes}
 13. Endonesia {ft. B-Wyze & Dow Jonz}
14. Flip Squad Break #3
15. The Pride {ft. Mike ''Love'' Williams}
16. Paid {ft. Kendu & Melquan}
17. Flip Squad Break #4
18. The 10 Resentments Of The Industry [Hidden Track]
19. It`s The Pride
20. No [Mr. Elite Part Two Version - Clean]
21. No! [The Wreck League Massive Remake] {ft. Kendu of Hyenas In The Desert, Son Slawta Melquan, Dow Jonz, N-Tense, Charlie Brown, Flip & Sharp of Backstabbers, B-Wyze, Outloud of Blahzay Blahzay & Kyle Johnson}
 22. No [Revenge Of The Anti-Pimps Acapella]
23. No [The Kyle Ice Jason Instr.]


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