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SLiCK RiCK a.k.a. RiCKy D`s 'The FuRTHeR ADVeNTuReS Of SLiCK RiCK, The RuLeR"...

 Re~uPP`d, originally posted on 12.06.2010...

I decided to re-up this joint because there had been a whole lot of folks requesting it, so this post is for y`all hope you enjoy & appreciate the links! Anyways for those of you that aren`t familiar with this bootleg it`s another unofficial Slick Rick release similar to the "Ricky D EP", actually most of the tracks from that EP are also on this bootleg. It was released back in 2008 in the UK & contains some rare & unreleased material. The sound quality of some of these joints isn`t the greatest, but that is probably because they came from someone`s basement tapes or maybe they were just poorly mixed from the get~go. Who really knows for sure? There`s not a whole lot of info` out there regarding this release...

Sound quality aside, I will say that this is definitely a must~hear for any Slick Rick fans out there. Standout joints for me are; "Can`t Shake Us [Kenny Dope Mix]", "Women Lose Weight [Alchemist Rmx]", Sleazy Gynacologist", "Trouble [J-Love Rmx]", "It`s A Boy [Large Pro Rmx]" & finally the last track the 1984 "Practice Over At Chill Will`s Crib" for it`s rarity, givin` us a glimpse at some early Ricky D. So go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Slick Rick a.k.a. Ricky D - The Further Adventures Of Slick Rick, The Ruler
Label: N/A
Released: 2008

1. A Letter
2. Captain Caveman
3. Can`t Shake Us [Kenny Dope Mix] {ft. Special K}
4. Feels Like
5. Women Lose Weight [Alchemist Rmx]
6. Sleazy Gynacologist
7. Gambling
8. Trouble [J-Love Rmx]
9. Sampson
10. World Renown [Pete Rock Mix]
11. Get A Job
12. It`s A Boy [Large Professor Rmx]
13. Women Lose Weight [Morcheeba Spare Tyre Mix]
14. Star Trek
15. Practice Over At Chill Will`s Crib (1984)

FiLeSWaP LiNK...

SoLiDFiLeS LiNK...


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