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CeLLSKi`s "CaNaDiaN BaCoN & HaSH BRoWNs"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 07.10.2012...

What`s poppin` y`all? Got somewhat of a gem, at least to some folks out there -- collectors mainly I`m guessin`. I say this because for some reason it`s goin` for about $92 over at amazon, $125 here & here. It`s kind of funny to me seein` as how I was able to find this at a good ol` pawn shop for the hefty price of $2....LoL, imagine that! Honestly I had no idea it was worth that much, I just grabbed it because I thought the cover art was kind of iLL. I had no idea about who this Cellski kat was, but it didn`t stop me from coppin` this joint.....LoL, after all the price was right. So now I`m goin` to share it with y`all...

From what I can tell about Cellski/ Young Cellski a.k.a. 2-Took is that he reps San Fransisco....Bay Area baby! He`s been rappin` since he was 13-14 years old, back in 1987-88 when he kicked it with Al Eaton up in Al`s studio. That`s where Too $hort was recordin` "Life Is...Too $hort", Cougnut also recorded "I`m Rollin`" there. Too $hort`s actually a really BiG influence on Cellski, just peep what he said during an interview that he did with;

"It’s funny—he never even knew that he was the biggest influence on my career, period. If it wasn’t for $hort, I never woulda rapped. Everywhere he went, I followed. I was a young nigga, thirteen, fourteen[years old]. I was hustling, got six or seven thousand [dollars] put up, so it was nothing for me to spend forty dollars an hour on studio time back then..."

So only a few years later, in 1992 Cellski recorded his first raps to cassette. He does well movin` 1000 units, earning himself $6000. Forget the drug game, it was clear to him from that moment on that Rap music was going to be his new profession. Even though Al Eaton helped him out a lil` bit when it came to producing the beats, Cellski pretty much taught himself. After all he was loopin` up drum beats on a Sequential TOM (drum machine) at the age of ten. Eventually he dropped his debut album in 1995 titled "Mr. Predicter" on the label Inner City Records...

So that`s all that I know of Cellski, if there`s anything else that I left out please feel free to school me! The album I`m sharin` with y`all, Cellski`s second, is titled "Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns" & it was released in 1998. I`m not a genius here, but I`m guessin` that the album`s title is a reference to Canada`s good ol` Marijuana......LoL, feature~wise you get appearances from Ager-Man (of 3x Krazy fame), U.N.L.V., Dirt Bag, Dirty Dame, San Quinn & Messy Marv -- so you`re definitely gettin` you`re Bay Area dosage. Like previously mentioned, Cellski handles the production on all the tracks while his homie Chess worked the keyboards...

 The beats go pretty hard on this joint, definitely suggest BuMP`n this in ya` ride. Bangers for me are; "Cali", "Back Streets", "West Bay ''G''", "Life Is A Gamble", "Coffee Beans" (my fav` joint), "M.M.M" & "Fast Life Livin`". So there ya have it, go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: Inner City Records
Released: 1998

1. On The Run [Intro]
2. Big Mafia
3. Cali
4. Doin` Thangs {ft. S.B.}
5. Back Streets
6. West Bay ''G''
7. Life Is A Gamble
8. Deeper
9. The Biggie
10. Chedda
11. Coffee Beans {ft. Ager-Man}
12. Straight Game [Interlude]
13. Young Rydas {ft. Dirty Dame}
14. Same Ass Niggas [Skit]
15. M.M.M. {ft. U.N.L.V.}
16. Hoe Stories {ft. S.B. & Dirt Bag}
17. Savages
18. Fast Life Livin` {ft. San Ouinn & Messy Marv}


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