Thursday, August 08, 2013

"No LiMiT SoLDieR CoLLeCTiON [LiMiTeD EDiTioN]"...

 Re~uPP`d, originally posted 05.10.2012...

S`up y`all? Got some what of a rarity for y`all with this post. What I`m sharing is a limited edition CD that Master P`s No Limit Records released back in 1998 exclusively thru Blockbuster Music Stores titled "No Limit Soldier Collection". It was being sold for $3.99 if you bought any other No Limit release, $15.99 if you just wanted to cop it on the solo tip...

Somethin` I found a lil` funny is the fact that they list the Mac & Soulja Slim (R.i.P.) track "Can I Ball?" as being previously unreleased, yet the song is actually on Mac`s "Shell Shocked" album also released in 1998 -- maybe his album dropped shortly after this lil` compilation? Something else to note, this may very well be one of No Limit`s shortest releases (aside from EP`s) at only 11 tracks it`s pretty short by No Limit standards....LoL, so go `head & check it out...

Label: No Limit Records
Released: 1998

1. I`m Bout It Bout It {Master P & Mia X}
2. Mr. Ice Cream Man {Master P ft. Mia X & Silkk The Shocker}
3. Make `Em Say Uhh! {Master P ft. Fiend, Silkk The Shocker, Mia X & Mystikal}
4. Playas From The South {Master P ft. Silkk The Shocker & UGK}
5. No Turnin` Back {Kane & Abel ft. Fiend}
6. The Party Don`t Stop {Mia X ft. Master P & Foxy Brown}
7. Just Be Straight With Me {Silkk The Shocker ft. Destiny`s Child, Master P, O`Dell & Mo B. Dick}
8. Can I Ball [Previously Unreleased] {Mac ft. Soulja Slim}
9. How Ya Do Dat {Master P ft. Young Bleed & C-Loc}
10. I Always Feel Like {Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Mia X ft. Mo B. Dick}
11. Is There A Heaven For A Gangsta {Master P}


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