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DJ QUiK`s "The DeaTH RoW SeSSioNS EP" [BooTLeG]...

Re-uPP`d originally posted 05.18.2009...

Jorge said...
Man this album is crazy! Thanks for the link.

What`s good y`all? Today I have something to share with y`all that falls into the bootleg category from West Coast producer/ rapper DJ Quik. Apparently this joint was leak`D to the `Net sometime around 2008, but I`m just getting around to it now. I`m a BiG fan of Quik`s so when I found a compilation of some of the man`s work from his Death Row Records days I was pretty hyped! From what I can tell the tracks on this bootleg are mainly from 1994-1995, DoPe none~the~less. The only real downside for me is that most of the good songs (like tracks 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 & 14 to list a few) all have lil` radio/ DJ tags on `em.......I hate that!....LoL, they`re only a few seconds in length so it`s not really all that bad, just wish I could hear 2Pac`s "Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version]" without the lil` tag at the beginning of the track. Oh well, one HiP HoP head can wish can`t he?....LoL

Anyway let`s speak on the music shall we? Standout joints for me are; "Boom" (Quik`s poppin` some shots at MC Eiht on this one), "Late Night" (always liked this 2Pac joint, but never heard this version with AMG on it), "Dollaz-N-Sence [Demo Version]" (much different from the version that was featured on the "Murder Was The Case Soundtrack"; not only is the beat different, but this version doesn`t have a hook & Quik`s homies 2nd II None join him on the track), "Words To My First Born" (even though I have heard this before it`s still a winner in my books). My favorite track on here though has to be 2Pac`s "Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version]"!!! 

The intro to the track is very different, `Pac doesn`t mention Suge Knight at all & DJ Quik`s scratchin` is very iLL & on point. Don`t get it twisted though y`all this entire bootleg bangs hard, even the R&B flavored joints are far from weak while the instrumentals will keep ya` head noddin` (side note: for some reason the "Dollaz-N-Sence [Instr.]" gets a lil` choppy towards then end). The only track on here that I didn`t really enjoy is track #10, mainly because it`s a 6 minute & 30 second interview with Suge Knight (the interviewer sounds like Luke of 2 Live Crew fame) that has some shitty sound quality. The only relevance that this interview has to the rest of the bootleg is that Suge mentions the fact that Quik produced a few tracks for Danny Boy.....LoL, this ish could have been cut down by like 5 minutes, oh well overall it`s a good listen so check it out...

Label: N/A
Released: N/A

1. Intro
2. Boom {DJ Quik}
3. What That Is? {Baby Eagle ft. DJ Quik}
4. Bringing The Funk [Rmx Instr.] {Stra-8 G}
5. Words To My First Born {2Pac ft. Nutt-So}
6. Loc`ed Out Hood [Live G-Funk Rmx] {DJ Quik}
7. Let`s Get Down [Death Row Rmx] {Tony! Toni! Tone! ft. DJ Quik}
8. Dollaz-N-Sence [Instr.] {DJ Quik}
9. Late Night {2Pac ft. AMG & DJ Quik}
10. 4 Or 5 For Danny Boy (Suge Knight Interview)
11. Doggy Style [Live Version] {DJ Roger with DJ Quik}
12. Dollaz-N-Sence [Demo Version] {DJ Quik & 2nd II None}
13. Something For The Mood [Instr.] {DJ Quik}
14. Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version] {2Pac}



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